Why Cloud Success

5 Good Reasons to Choose Cloud Success

1. Unrivalled industry experience

Over the years, we’ve worked with industries from finance to retail to property and telecoms. We’ve been exposed to pretty much every challenge CRMs can throw at us, which means we know what works! At Cloud Success we can identify solutions that would otherwise be missed.

2. We talk plain English

We like to talk in plain English and know how to avoid the techno babble! If things need to get technical, just put us in touch with your techie guys and let us do the rest.

3. We’ve been here a while

There’s lots of traditional software companies who’ve recently started offering Cloud Computing services. Whilst this is great for the industry overall, it brings with it a lack of experience and can lead to the wrong approach when building your solution. This can lead to costly mistakes which need to be fixed further down the line to allow you to start moving forward again.

At Cloud Success we’ve been Saleforce specialists for over 10 years and on average our staff has 5 years’ experience to bring to your project so you’ll be in safe hands!

4. We’re flexible

You don’t need to sign up to a lengthy, complex contract. Our minimum contract term is 2 weeks because anything less wouldn’t be beneficial to our clients. We only deliver solutions that work for
our clients and our business is built on doing what we say we’re going to do.

5. We don’t cost the earth

We invite all of our clients to be diligent and compare us to other service providers in the market – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. On average businesses experience a 25% increase in sales
revenue following a successful sales cloud roll-out.