Salesforce Support

When it comes to choosing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, it is very difficult to find a more ‘simple to use’ yet intricately efficient program than Salesforce. With it’s versatility and customizable parameters, it outshines even the most complex software that delivers a parallel service.

Salesforce support offers free guidance on issues as small as site orientation, to more advanced tasks as coding html email work flows. By doing so the program manages to succeed in fulfilling it’s overall purpose, organizing your daily business activities for you.

Salesforce Support Services

The services salesforce support have available are broken down into three different packages, Standard, Premier, and Premier + success plans. Each offering 24/7 case submission and online guidance literature.  With enough content to get you started already available, you may want to consider either the Premier or Premier + success plans, giving a more hands-on service. Both packages can offer the perk of an assigned salesforce support account rep along with a guaranteed response time of two hours. You also gain access to the code troubleshooting and eventually a Premier Success Review to measure usage and trends.

Although similar, boasting services such as twenty-four hour ‘toll-free’ salesforce support, Premier + gives access to over 100 administration services including extra access to the abundance of Certified Administrators. These help maintain and carefully configure your chosen Salesforce edition.

Choosing Support

Selecting the suitable package is essential to the business model you run. Each has been designed to ensure you get value for your money depending on the size of your firm. Although Salesforce’s cloud computing allows you to ‘self teach’ how to customize, even at entry level before purchasing Premier or Premier +, you have the resources needed to get up and running. Salesforce support has introduced these upgraded packages to take anybody to a more technical level of cloud computing, without the added expense of an IT technician on site. Undoubtedly any organisation has a heavy focus on increased productivity and ROI, salesforce support will take the hours needed to dedicate to administration allowing you to focus on increasing revenue.

The most important thing to look for when choosing a support package is the one on one contact it can deliver. Salesforce support gives this level of interaction at each grade. Every user will receive the standard package upon subscription, opening the portal to submit any issues and have them tended to by a team of specialists. Most companies demand a rapid turnaround as technical issues can bring an entire corporation to a standstill, unlike most support programs, salesforce support can offer the two-hour rapid response time, giving you peace of mind.

Salesforce support becomes unique in a way that you learn as you go, and for the more intrigued users, you can become more self-sufficient with the 100+ online courses available in the Premier + package. With design aesthetics that give Salesforce a simple and uncomplicated feel, it is not to be underestimated by the power of its processes and capability. Used by some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world, such as, Dell and O2, salesforce support has some of the most experienced and professional individuals.