Salesforce Integration

Every successful business manager knows that the prosperity of its company is mostly based on the relationship with its customers, and that’s the reason why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become so important in recent years. The advent of, with its innovative cloud functions, has made customer relationship management even more significant, and companies everywhere are striving to integrate salesforce with their existing software and database.

How to Integrate Salesforce Smoothly

You first priority should be to establish goals for your salesforce integration. Carefully consider what data you are more interested in having. This way, you will not do unnecessary work. You may also have to choose between a one-time migration or ongoing synchronization. Then, you will have to decide between doing the salesforce integration manually or using some graphic tool. While it is true that coding manually can help you achieve a greater control over the process, you must remember that it can be a complex task that requires advanced knowledge. In most cases, salesforce integration will be easier using graphic tools or hiring specialized staff.

Train Your Staff

Once the integration is completed, it is important to train the personnel who will use the applications. Use a set of data specifically chosen for training and develop on-hand exercises as close as possible to the real experience. It’s important that the instructors have a good knowledge of the software, so they can effectively answer any questions. The person or persons who have performed the integration are obvious choice to teach other staff.

Trainees must understand not only everything related to the integration, but also to the support process, so they can contact directly and resolve any issues that might arise.

You should also compile manuals and a list of links which will enable trainees to learn and solve related problems by themselves. If you don’t want or you can’t do the training yourself, Salesforce offers free online training and an official certification. Remember that your salesforce integration won’t be complete or effective untill you have got enough staff to properly use the software.

What are the Advantages of Using Salesforce?

Saleforce integration will give you access to a CRM suite that can be customized in order to get the best functionality and results for your company.

Apart from the obvious advantage of having several services available at any time (Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, etc.), Salesforce offers multiple services to optimize customer relationship management, such as marketing automation, implementation of best practices and consulting. Salesforce consultants will be of great help to maximize the benefits of your CRM. This includes developing personalized solutions for your company.

It is also possible to share experiences with other users and developers through the site With more than 350,000 registered users, salesforce integration will take your customer relationship management to a whole new dimension.

Salesforce integration will also greatly facilitate the management and assessment of your data, allowing the sales department to study it carefully so they can optimize their operations. This will ultimately result in higher sales and reduced costs.