Salesforce CRM

Understanding Salesforce CRM And What It Can Do For Your Business

CRM SystemsSalesforce CRM is an online, software as a service (SaaS) system that enable businesses to effectively organise and manage its sales pipeline, customer service and more if required. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow businesses to deal more efficiently with each customer interaction, thus improving overall sales and customer satisfaction. The same can be said for customer service where customer satisfaction rates are typically higher in organisations actively using a CRM system. Originally founded back in 1999 Salesforce is the leading on-demand CRM provider.

Benefits For All With Salesforce CRM
Benefiting both the customer and the business, Salesforce CRM gives your business the opportunity to provide a level of customer service that exceeds expectations, as the customer’s requirements can typically be anticipated and met very quickly. Improved customer satisfaction and confidence, in turn generates more sales and overall creates a much more efficient and effective working environment.

Enhanced Customer Service with Salesforce CRM
By providing access to detailed customer information on-demand (or even automatically) Salesforce CRM can help your representatives deal with customers more effectively than ever before. The ability to see if the customer had made purchases in the past and if so, what has been bought, or how often items have been bought can be extremely valuable when trying to win new business. The customer name, organisation and much more would all be available to the representative. With such information readily available, all inquiries can be dealt with quickly and effectively, also allowing for product or service recommendations to be given to the customer that will fit their needs perfectly. Salesforce CRM focuses on helping your business deliver the best possible customer service by organizing, automating and integrating business functions such as marketing, sales, customer service and technical support.

Web Based Benefits Of Salesforce CRM
One of the many benefits of using web based, on-demand applications such as Salesforce CRM is cost. Start up costs are typically less expensive and only the required modules (or “version”) need to be purchased and implemented.  There is no hardware or software to purchase, and nothing to install – users simply login online much the same as consumer websites such as Facebook or Amazon. Anytime access is immediately available through the internet as well as mobile access through smart phones and/or PDA’s. Typically a reduced IT and support staff are required within the business.

Attempting to run your business in an efficient manner without the use of CRM software can be difficult in today’s competitive business environment. Salesforce CRM can empower your employees and help them deliver highly improved levels of customer service and drive your sales forward. Most large organisations rely on CRM systems to give them new insights into customer behaviors and buying patterns, helping them come up with innovative sale strategies to continually grow their business. You can be using the power of Salesforce CRM to integrate your business activities and make greater use of your staffs collective knowledge.