Salesforce Implementation

Our Salesforce consultants will spend the time to understand your unique business processes, translating these into technical requirements within the salesforce system. We are 100% committed to delivering the very best solution for your needs.

Our Process

A typical Salesforce Implementation includes the following:

  • Review of business processes to understand needs
  • Identify and propose solutions
  • Identify key success criteria
  • Discuss & agree time sales
  • Project Kick-off

User Adoption

One of the biggest factors in any successful CRM implementation project is the level of user adoption; if your users aren’t regularly updating the system your reporting will be inaccurate and you are not going to see the value. According to a recent study, the primary reason for CRM project failure is down to the lack of user adoption!

There are a number of things we recommend to our customers in order to improve or maintain a high level of user adoption, you can download some of the key recommendations here.