CRM Software Free

“Would CRM Software for Free solve all of your needs?”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software can often be found for free on numerous websites throughout the web. While you and your company have the option to use a paid for CRM software, free CRM software is not always a perfect fit.  Selecting a low cost option rather than 100% free may actually prove more convenient for you and for your company, and is often more cost effective long term. Here we will tell you why it is worth thinking twice before settling for the free option.

CRM software provides powerful tools allowing businesses to manage contacts, campaigns, leads, customers’ service, accounts, and more. Open source CRM software can sometimes be downloaded and installed for free, without paying a penny for licenses. It is easy to access and can provide a helpful solution for small companies before they can afford an investment in software licenses. However, there are many different options for paid CRM software and companies all over the world decide to invest, even with free software available. Why would that be? Simple: CRM software free doesn’t offer all the advantages of a paid, integral solution. Here are some of the main problems you may have to face should you decide to go for free CRM software.

  • Restricted customization: What you see is what you get.  There are typically fewer options available, and you may have difficulty in finding anyone ready to assist you should you decide to change something and make a mess. Free software leaves your company vulnerable.

  • Hidden Costs: Is free CRM software actually free? Studies indicate that the ongoing maintenance costs may actually be higher than paid, licensed software. Besides, don’t forget that you will also need to invest money in installing (in some cases), training your personnel, and providing support as you would with any paid solution.

  • Use today, pay later: There is no guarantee that open source solutions will stay open. In fact, they could close before you get the chance to implement an alternative solution, and leave you with no CRM software at all (inflicting unplanned costs and risk).

  • Product advances? Hang in there… Commercial software introduces product advances and new features much faster than open source software. have release a new version of their product 3 times a year which is included in the license fee – no installation required, new features just appear!

  • Legal risks: Who will be your port of call in order answer in case you had legal problems with a free CRM Software? Your company should decide if it is ready to take the chances.

Due to the points above, many businesses decide that they won’t just take the free option, and choose to invest in a professional solutions. And you don’t need to spend a fortune: there is a wide range of low cost options of CRM software – click the link to the left so start a FREE 30 day trial of today. It is worth it!