Cloudforce London 2012

Cloudforce London, or the Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour-London, is an annual event hosted by This specific Cloudforce event occurs in London, but events are held in other cities and nations as well. is an Internet company specializing in Cloud technology with a focus on client-customer interactions. The annual Cloudforce London event brings current technologies and ideas to interested parties in a live environment.

The 2012 Cloudforce London event was held on May 22 in the ExCel based International Convention Centre (ICC ExCel). The event hosted 14,000+ visitors looking for the latest news in Social Enterprise transformations. Chief Operating Officer George Hu headlined the event. Other industry leaders including Burberry Chief Technology Officer John Douglas and Kimberly-Clark Chief Information Officer Ramon Baez joined Hu. Multiple participants from various business sectors of Cloud technology sponsored the event.

The Summer 2012 Sneak Peak

Parker Harris, Executive Vice President of, headlined the Summer ’12 Sneak Peek. In it he introduced new products including Radian 6, and took questions from the audience and via Twitter. Parker also introduced other products and innovations currently out, and to be rolled out, including additions and improvement to Chatter, Rypple, and Parker set aside roughly twenty minutes in which he and the audience engaged in a Q&A session.

Adam Seligman, who is in charge of developer relations for, started off the Cloudstock Developer General Session. Seligman spoke about the changes that have occurred in development for mobile and social applications. Seligman spoke to the minds of the developers about how their impact has made the current technology environment what it is. He spoke of moving forward with the developers into new technologies for the future.

Salesforce and its Partners

Other speakers who that took the stage included Rob Woollen, Senior Vice President of Platform Product Management at, who spoke on multiple topics including JAVA technologies, and O2 Business Director Ben Dowd who spoke on his vision for joined up business. Fergus Griffin, Senior Vice President for Solution Marketing at Activison spoke of the relationship Salesforce has with Activison, the number one video game developer in the world. He revealed how that relationship is helping to turn Activision into a social enterprise using the Service Cloud from

Cloudforce London, or the Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour-London, was a resounding success. Developers, clients, and executives shared the latest ideas and technologies — not only those developed by Salesforce but also technologies created in partnership with third party developers and clients such as Activison. Cloudforce is set to be back in London in 2013, although the exact date is not set. Salesforce and their partners will continue to innovate and the 2013 Cloudforce London will highlight the successes of the current year as well as the innovations for 2013.