Winter ’10 General Release Dates


Over the weekend (19/20th Sept) upgraded the sandbox environments (excluding CS1 & CS5) to the Winter ’10 release – lots of fun to be had playing around with the new functionality! For those of you who are keen to find out when your production org will be upgraded, I’ve incuded the dates below:

NA1, NA6, NA7, AP1, CS5 (Sandbox) – October 2nd & 3rd
NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5 – October 9th & 10th
AP0 – October 10th
NA0, EU0, CS1 (Sandbox) – October 10th

For more details on the maintenance windows (e.g. accurate timings)please visit

For those of you who haven’t done so already, make sure you check out which popular ideas are coming in Winter ’10 as well as reading the release notes (pdf).

Also be sure to take a look at the API help text to see whats new in version 17.0