Want faster inserts / updates? Use the bulk data loader!


If you’re working with large amounts of data in salesforce then you need to check out a new feature introduced by salesforce in Winter ’10 called the Bulk Data Loader.

To access this new functionality download & install the latest version of the Data Loader (v17). Once installed go to the settings and select a new option “Use Bulk API for Insert, Update and Upsert” – once this has been selected you’ll notice that the Batch Size (top) automatically changes from 200 to 10,000.

Now you can load or update data at speed! Check out the video below to see it in action:

Once the data has been uploaded from your PC to salesforce, you will see “Operation Finished” and the usual success / error stats. You now need to login to your org to view the status of your Bulk Load – do this by going to Setup | Administraton Setup | Monitoring | Bulk Data Load Jobs. From here you can see if the job is still in progress or if it has already completed. You can also see how long it has taken/is taking and if it is still in progress the number of records processed so far (see below).

Once it’s shown as completed you’re done! The records are now available to your users. Remeber that when inserting records into salesforce, you’ll be restricted by the internet connection you sit behind so don’t be disappointed if the speed isn’t what you expected.

Click here to see details by SFDC.