Synchronise your salesforce data


Something that many organisations get nervous about when adopting SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM solutions that they no longer have a local copy of their data. This is quite understandable as for many organisations or admins they feel a sense of loosing control, their data is out there in the cloud and no longer sitting on a server in their data centre (or cupboard!)

The good news with is that its quite possible to synchronise all of your salesforce data with a local database using the salesforce API.

This can be done by either writing your own integration or by purchasing a ‘off the shelf’ solution from the Appexchange, of which there are many. I would recommend purchasing a solution and saving yourself the trouble as there are a number of reasonably priced packages out there.

My favourite is listed on the Appexchange and is called DBAmp Pro. This tool will synchronise your data with a local MS SQL Server database for an annual fee of US $1295 for unlimited users. It also gets a 5 star rating! You can find it on the Appexchange or by visiting

For those of you who want to sync with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, or Sybase databases another tool I’ve used is called Relational Junction by Seasame Software which is also on the Appexchange. I don’t have pricing information for this product unfortunately, however I suspect it will be more costly than DBAmp.