Speed up the IDE


If you find yourself spending lots of time waiting for eclipse (or IDE) to build then you’re not alone. The default settings will automatically build the class or trigger each time you save a change which can result in lots of time wasted if you like to regularly save your changes like me.

Fortunately d3deveoper posted this trick on his blog to overcome the issue and I thought it might be useful to include a screenshot & instructions for those of you who aren’t totally familiar with eclipse. From the eclipse menu select Window > Preferences. In the window that appears go to General > Workspace and you’ll then see the checkbox options. Uncheck “Build automatically” and click OK.

Once this is done you’ll notice that saving changes no longer takes an age and should you with to build the file you can select Ctrl+B.

Note: Instructions may vary depending on which version of eclipse you are running – these were written using galileo (eclipse 3.5)