Show me more records please!


Many of you may be familiar with the Show me fewer / more records per list page functionality (image below):

This was a more prominent feature before the ‘Advanced List Views’ functionality got released, although it still exists on certain pages such as the users page. By clicking on show fewer / more records this will decrease / increase respectively the number of records by 10 per click. Therefore it would take a fair amount of clicking to show lets say, an additional 200 records.

A simple workaround is to manually edit the URL, specifically the ‘rowsperpage’ parameter. When you click one of the buttons, this passes the rowsperpage parameter in the URL; allowing you to manually edit the number and therefore decrease / increase the number to whatever you like:


You can see that in the example above, the rowsperpage parameter value is set to 210 – so thats 210 records to be displayed on the page (or rows from the database for all you geeks).

By manually editing the URL you can change the number of records that are show far quicker than by using the fewer / more buttons. So if I were to display 500 records on the page, the URL would look like this:

This is a very simple & effective way to increasing the number of records on the page and I hope that it comes in useful for others.