Salesforce Winter ’14 Key Features


The Winter ’14 release of Salesforce brings with it numerous new features, and the 304 page release notes document bear testament to this. The roll out this release takes place throughout September and October, starting on the 6th of September and finishing on the 12th October – to see exactly when your instance will be upgraded checkout the maintenance page.

Salesforce Platform – Winter ’14 New Features

This video describes the latest updates coming to the platform:

Almost every core area of Salesforce has been updated as part of the Winter ’14 release however we’ll focus on a few that we like the most, with a bias towards platform / developer functionality.

“Configuration Only” Sandboxes Renamed to “Developer Pro” + Storage

The terminology is changing and the current “Configuration Only” sandboxes will now be known as “Developer Pro”. In addition, Developer and Developer Pro sandbox storage limits are increased as detailed below:

• Developer sandboxes increased from 10 MB to a 200 MB storage limit.
• Developer Pro sandboxes increased from a 500 MB to a 1 GB storage limit.
• Full sandboxes continue to have the same storage limit as your production organization

Apex Statement Limit Elimination

The code statement limit has been removed! Apex transactions are no longer limited by the number of code statements they can execute, allowing you to potentially execute more code statements than the previously enforced statement limit.

To protect against infinite processes overusing shared CPU resources, the maximum CPU time for a transaction is 10,000 milliseconds for synchronous Apex, and 60,000 milliseconds for asynchronous Apex (Batch Apex and future methods).

State & Country Picklists now Generally Available (GA)

The state & country picklist functionality has been in beta for some time now, and will be made generally available as part of Winter ’14. This allows for improved address data quality and standardisation but does require initial setup which can be time consuming depending on the amount of existing data in your org. To find out more click here: State & Country Picklists Overview

Embedded Analytics

Users can now get the data they need right on their most-visited pages, without having to go to the Reports tab. You can embed report charts in record detail pages for any standard or custom object. To achieve this before Winter ’14 required Visualforce & Apex coding and would be time consuming, whereas now we’re able to simply add a report charge from the page layout editor.

Below is an opportunity record showing the report chart directly on the detail page:

Workflow rules on User Object (Beta)

With support for the User object, you can now create workflow rules to:

• Send welcome email messages with training resources to newly created users.
• Send email alerts when users change roles or are deactivated.
• Use field updates to deactivate temporary employees after a specified period.
• Use outbound messages to sync user data with third-party systems.

Additional Information

Official Winter ’14 Release notes:

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