Salesforce Tower

Salesforce Tower London rename scrapped


The bold plan to rename London’s Heron Tower to Salesforce Tower has been scrapped following concerns raised by fellow residents of the office block. The Heron Tower is now to be renamed 110 Bishopsgate to reflect the buildings true address, a remarkably straightforward approach.

Concerns were raised shortly after plans were announced to rename the building, especially given the fact Salesforce were to only occupy six of the 46 floors in the building.

Salesforce will retain the right to keep its branding within the building and informually use the term “Salesforce Tower” however tenants do not have to use the name for their own addressing purposes.

It has been suggested that the City of London’s planning and transport committee will now rule that organisations occupying over 50% of a building are entitled to apply for a change of name, however this remains to be seen.

In the mean time work on the Salesforce Tower, San Francisco proceeds as planned.