Salesforce surpasses 1 billion transactions


Last week saw Salesforce surpass another milestone by processing over 1 billion daily transactions on November 27th. The exact number of transactions (as reported by was 1,018,557,795. Each transaction took an average of 0.268 seconds, not bad considering they had over 1 billion of them to process!

Just two days later another “billion transaction” day came along on the 29th with 1,011,685,935 transactions recorded.

A significant volume of these transactions come through the various API’s that are offered through the platform, such as the REST, SOAP, Streaming, Metadata, Bulk and Chatter API. According to Salesforce these account for over 50% of all transactions.

The info graphic below shows the company’s historic daily transaction rate which illustrates the steady growth over the last 6 years – 53 million in 2006, 117m in 2007, 166m 2008, 195m 2009, 394m 2010, 623m in 2011 and 1bn in 2012 (almost 40% growth since last year).

Kudos to salesforce for reaching this significant milestone in their history and proving that cloud computing is the only way forward for smart businesses worldwide!

1BN Salesforce Infographic

The official blog post relating to this news can be found here, although at the time of writing it doesn’t work… One Billion Transactions and Growing.