Salesforce Innovation

Salesforce continues to lead the market as Forbes most innovative company


For the fourth year running Salesforce has been recognised by Forbes as their most innovative company which goes to show just how much the company is continuing to lead the market, even in such a thriving and competitive sector.

The world of cloud computing has grown a lot since Salesforce started and with so many new companies entering the industry, you’d expect them to be under some strain from the competition. That, however, is clearly not the case.


Salesforce is consistently making life easier for its clients. From little developments to improve the sales process to big buy outs that bring other innovative companies into the Salesforce umbrella. Despite being 15 years old, Salesforce continues to redefine how brands connect with their customers. The internet of everything is a real and Salesforce understands that behind every device there is a customer with his or her own individual buying habits. Tapping into how customers interact with their devices and spend time on the internet is so valuable for brands. Salesforce offers software that gives brands insight into their customers unlike anything they would’ve seen before.

The internet and all the technology connected to it is growing at a pace that a lot of us are having trouble keeping up with. The team at Salesforce, however, have taken it upon themselves to be one step ahead of the industry at all times. From offering tools for wearable tech development before it all caught on, to developing software for each and every device out there.

How Salesforce continues to stay on top

CEO Marc Benioff, outlined the reasons Salesforce continues to lead the market.

The first reason is the visionary product line, the second is allowing employees to shape the company vision and, finally, it’s all about empowering employees through the V2MOM process.

V2MOM stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles and metrics. It’s all about creating alignment within the company, allowing everyone to set goals and measure their progress. Salesforce employees are able to communicate and collaborate efficiently even while the business is growing at such a rapid pace.

Benioff’s management process allows employees to know exactly what their goals are at all times. There’s no time wasted sitting around wondering what they should be doing. Goal setting, good employee management and visionary products that are ahead of the curve are most certainly the reasons (or at least, some of them) that Salesforce has won this award for the
forth year running.

It’s no wonder that alongside this award Salesforce has been named one of the best companies to work at for a number of years running.