Salesforce Hackathon

This year’s Million Dollar Hackathon is going to be bigger than ever


In recent years Salesforce have challenged developers to come up with new apps based on the Salesforce1 Platform. The incentive, $1 million in cash prices including a $250,000 grand prize.

The Salesforce developer community is at 1.7 million members and the Hackathon is the perfect chance for them to show off their skills and win some money in the process.

This year’s event is going to be huge. Adam Seligman, Vice President of Developer Relations, said

This hackathon is going to be awesome. Last year we saw some crazy cool mobile apps, and developers are going to show us even more amazing innovation this time around. With all the prizes, we expect this year’s event to be twice the size and we can’t wait to see what our community comes up with during the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon.

Not only is this a great chance for developers to get creative but there’s also a huge benefit to Salesforce too. From this Hackathon, the company will gain some truly unique apps that may go on to help Salesforce users in all sorts of ways.

There are three categories for this innovative competition of skill and creativity, they are:, Heroku, and with Heroku.

The hacking will take place between 10th and 12th October with a second round of judging on the 14th. The winners will be announced at Dreamforce on the 16th October.

The Hackathon at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s industry show and it’s here that the winning apps will be showed off to the world. This is really going to highlight what is possible for all the app developers out there.

At Dreamforce, developers can choose a new technology and sit down and learn it. That might mean staying up all night with fellow developers or it might mean building an app on their own. Salesforce Venture will also be at the show to offer feedback and coaching on what it takes to propel an app from the basic idea to a full blown company.

They are, of course, also on the look out for the next big idea as they have a $100 million Salesforce1 Fund.

It’s completely free to participate in the Hackathon so if you have an idea, there’s still time to register. It might also be worth stocking up on pillows and digging out that sleeping bag because overnight hacking is allowed.

The prizes

10 winning teams in each category will share a cash prize.

  • First place in each category wins $100,000
  • Second place in each category wins $50,000
  • Third place in each category wins $35,000
  • Fourth place in each category wins $20,000
  • Fifth place in each category wins $15,000
  • Sixth-Tenth place in each category wins $10,000

Additionally, the first place winners from each category will compete for an additional Grand Prize of $150,000 which will bring the Grand Prize winning team’s total winnings to $250,000