Salesforce’s latest acquision – Rypple


This week salesforce announced details of their latest acquisition, Toronto based firm Rypple. Rypple are specialists in human resource (HR) / workforce management and have an existing product which is heavily focused on social goals, collaboration and could perhaps be described as a “facebook for performance management”.

Rypple was founded in 2008 by Daniel Debow, David Stein and George Babu “We started Rypple because people kept telling us how much they disliked their performance reviews. Everything else we do these days is immediate and social. But work – and particularly performance management – is lagging behind. So we set out to build a solution that people would actually find useful.” Rypple has offices in Toronto, San Franciso and Atlanta and their existing customer base includes businesses such as and Spotify (as well as numerous other recognisable brands).

According to salesforce, Rypple’s next generation social performance management app is to be re-launched as “Successforce” and the new business unit is to be run by John Wookey, previously an employee of SAP. Click here for the Rypple website.