Blog Enables Real-Time Communication Through Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing

0, the enterprise cloud computing company, has announced a real-time communication solution for the social enterprise with Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing. Chatter Messenger is the world’s first real-time communication solution for the social enterprise. Chatter Messenger will enable companies to have in-context conversations via one trusted platform – completely in the cloud.

Chatter Screensharing will enable employees to share screens and presentations instantly with their colleagues, thereby increasing employee productivity. Now every group, file, record and dashboard is an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues.

Importantly, any organisation can use Salesforce Chatter and Chatter Messenger for free by simply registering at So far, more than 150,000 active Salesforce Chatter networks have been created by companies like ADP, Nikon Instruments and Pandora – making it the industry’s leading enterprise social network.

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