Preventing queue member email spam


When creating a new queue in salesforce, one of the optional fields available is the mysterious “Queue email”. This field is often left blank, after all… what is a queue email anyway?

The downside to leaving this field blank is that all queue members will automatically be notified every time a record is assigned to the queue, if the “Send notification email” option has been selected – regardless of what the “Send email to members” checkbox is set to in the queue (this setting is used if you’d like an email to be sent to BOTH the queue email address as well as each member individually).

This can lead to notifications being accidentally broadcast throughout an organisation to a much wider audience than was intended, which in turn can lead to the emails being flagged as spam or at the very least confusion.

So how do we stop these emails going out to all members of our queue? We simply need to set the queue email address – and if you don’t have one, or don’t want one then we recommend setting this address to a dummy email, along the lines of “[email protected].com“.

To create a new queue in salesforce, we go to the Administration Setup menu and Manage Users > Queues

Administrative Setup > Queues

We’ll now see a list view of all existing queues. In this case we are going to create a new one (however the process also applies to existing queues). Click on “NewCreate a new queue

Queue email field

Setting a queue email

Salesforce Knowledge Article Number: 000003900

When a Case is created, an email is sent to the Case Queue. However, if no email address is provided, an email goes out to all Queue Members. How can this notification be stopped?

Although this is standard functionality, you can put in a “dummy” email address for the Queue email. This way, you can still keep the preference to send an email to the Queue in place, while not automatically sending an email to all Queue members.