New AppExchange Live!


Last week saw the launch of the all new AppExchange, bringing a brand new look to the site as well as some additional features and functionality. The most noticeable difference is the appearance of available App’s – rather than appearing in a list view (as per the old AppExchange) we now have squares.

The look is strikingly similar to that of the Google play store and no dobut this is where some of the inspiration came from, it works well especially on tablet computers and brings a more engaging feel to the site. In addition there are more social features included, allowing individual listings to be “Liked” on Facebook or tweeted.

The New AppExchange

Some highlights of the new design:

• New organization by category, industry and collection for easier discovery of apps
• Optimized for mobile for a great experience at work, home or on-the-go
• More of the apps you love—all “managed packages” don’t count against your system limits

Stay connected by following the twitter handle @AppExchange as well as keeping an eye out for the #newAppExchange hashtag!