Introducing the Enhanced Profile UI


Its long overdue but I’m please to report that salesforce have finally introduced a new, enhanced user profile user interface. But don’t get too excited just yet – it’s currently in Pilot so unless you have some leverage with salesforce (e.g. lots of users!) you probably won’t be able to get this functionality in your production environment for a little while. I would still recommend signing up for this pilot to express your interest in the new functionality.

Essentially the new interface makes it a lot easier for salesforce sysadmins to navigate the profiles & settings thus saving valuable time. It provides useful information about each of the permissions in a new description field, allowing for more ‘informed’ decisions when enabling a permission on a profile.

There is also an extremely useful new search/find tool which provides a lookup based on entering the setting/permission name. I’m sure this new user interface will be well received and it certainly gets my vote – for those on the pilot please feel free to share your feedback and comments.

To get a better idea of the new features please check out the video below:

Key Features
* 40% fewer clicks than the original profile interface
* Find and change profile settings easily
* Quickly navigate across profile settings

How do I sign up?
Contact your Account Exec, Customer Success Manager, Customer Support Rep, or Professional Services Consultant to nominate you for the program (a limited number of participants will be admitted to the program).