Salesforce Tower

Heron Tower, one of London’s tallest buildings, is renamed as Salesforce Tower


It’s always difficult when the name of a building changes. So many of us are still calling Willis Tower — the tallest building in the USA — Sears Tower, despite the fact that it hasn’t been called that since 2009. Something similar has happened with one of London’s tallest buildings, which is now known as Salesforce Tower after its largest tenant.

Good news for London

Names aside, this is great news for London as the American company moves into the tower. Salesforce has taken up six floors of the building, which means it’s now 90% occupied. Not only is an important piece of real estate now almost full, Salesforce is continually recruiting UK staff to work across a number of roles. The hashtag #dreamjob is used by the company to get potential employees excited, and they should be because Saleforce has been named one of the best companies to work for in the world.

It’s all in a name

As part of the agreement with the building’s owners, Salesforce negotiated the renaming of the tower. This is something that has sparked a lot of interest in the media. Many of the building’s tenants asked if the new name was a belated April Fool’s joke when they received the announcement. The current tenants were a little surprised not to have been consulted regarding the change in name. Salesforce, however, has promised to pay any costs associated with the change of address. A letter from Gerald Ronson — the building’s owner — to tenants said: “ has agreed to pay all reasonable costs associated with the reprinting of your company’s stationery and business cards and related amendments you may need to make to your websites.”

A common theme

This isn’t the first building in London to be named after its largest tenant. As you probably know, we already have the BT Tower, The O2, Michelin House and The Lloyd’s Building. Salesforce Tower will soon be a name we all get used to and it’ll sit nicely amongst buildings we forget are named after those who own or lease them.

Great publicity

A building named after your business is definitely a good thing (even if initial press isn’t always positive) and it’s no wonder so many big companies include this when negotiating a contract with the building owners. Not only will the name ‘Salesforce’ become a word used across London – even by people who don’t know what it is, the initial coverage of Heron Tower’s renaming will help to propel the American company forward when it comes to further press about the business. This gives Salesforce the chance to build its presence in the UK and make its name and software known to businesses who will genuinely find it helpful. The company creates software and provides cloud services to businesses in order to help them make the most out of their sales forces. This includes everything from customer record management to private social networks for business employees.