Blog Quick Access Menu – Winter ’12

A fantastic new feature due out in the Winter ’12 salesforce release is the “ Quick Access Menu”. If you’re a developer or salesforce admin, the chances are that you’re gonna love this! A bug bear for many of us working with custom objects / customisation / development has been that the navigation options are buried deep in the setup area, requiring a good number of clicks to get to custom fields for example.

This problem has now been resolved with the Quick Access Menu. The quick access menu offers handy shortcuts to customization features. When you’re working on apps or objects, use this menu to jump to relevant app customization features. It’s available from object list view pages and record detail pages (see expanded view below): Quick Access Menu

This feature allows us to quickly view the most commonly used attributes of an object and also provides links for the Editing of Apps and Data Import. The menu can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the cog icon which appears on the right hand side of the screen or by using the shortcode “ALT + ;”. By hovering over the top 4 options in the quick access bar, a “New” option will appear to the right of the menu – by clicking this link you’re able to create new fields / objects etc.. almost instantly. Quick Access Hover

Other options worth noting about the quick access menu:

  • To remove the menu from all list views and record pages, click Turn off menu.
  • To restore the menu, click Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information. On the user detail page, click Edit, select Quick Access Menu, then click Save