European (London) Data Centre Coming!


So last week I went along to Cloudforce London like a true salesforce’er and during Marc’s keynote presentation he announced that are planning on opening up a new data centre here in London! Although there were no specific dates given, he did say “before 2012” which would suggest that this will take place some time next year. I also assume that this will become the EU data centre and possibly beyond (maybe they’ll migrate the EMEA instance over?)

For me and others here in Europe this news is well received as it shows confidence in the EU market, and also opens up a number of new possibilities which weren’t previously available – e.g. the public sector. For some the announcement may seem meaningless however we should expect to see faster response times and it will also eradicate some data protection/compliance/legal issues which prevent certain records being stored outside of the EU (so more customers for salesforce).

If you have any further information regarding this announcement please share it here.