Enhanced Analytics now FREE (EE and UE only)


What a great start to February, Salesforce just announced that the new Analyics ‘Edition’ functionaltiy is to be included FREE OF CHARGE for Enterprise and Unlimited Edition Customers as part of the Spring ’12 release. For those of you that don’t know what this is all about, back in December Salesforce announced that they were going to be brining out a new set of reporting / analytics functionality as part of a brand new product.

This resulted in a number of customer compliants stating that these features should be part of the standard offering (I have to agree) which in turn led to an internal re-think at Salesforce and todays decision to include the functionality for free (EE and UE only).

Analytics Edition
A very quck overview of the features in Analytics Edition coming Spring’12

  • bucketing, a feature which lets you group data and place them in categories – buckets. For numeric data, you can say that deals under $1000 are small, and over that are large
  • cross-filtering, that allows you to filter on related objects, for instance, in a report on accounts and contacts, to show all contacts in accounts that don’t have a closed opportunity.
  • a new report format – joined reports – where you can join reports together, to report on multiple children of the same parent, for instance, meaning you can have a report showing the products, and team members on each opportunity in your team.
  • higher limits on snapshots, scheduled reports and dashboards, and dynamic dashboards.

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