Dreamforce 2013 Summary


Last week saw well over 100,000 people attend the annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. The Dreamforce event continues to grow year on year and this year over 130,000 people registered. That’s a lot of people for a software event and Dreamforce is now the worlds largest software conference!


This years big announcement was Salesforce1, which has had the expected media response. Salesforce1 is essentially a consolidation & update of’s mobile app(s) and mobile strategy into a single more streamlined app (which is free for all salesforce customers). In addition salesforce have made real progress in standardising the numerous API’s between platforms such as,, Heroku, ExactTarget and other acquired technology. For the technologically minded these new APIs are RESTful.

This move provides many more options for integration which have been criticised for in the past.

Developer Keynote

As expected the platform is continuing to grown both in developer numbers as well as the available tools at our disposal. One of the personal highlights is the new command line iterface (CLI) which allows Windows, OSX and Linux users to perform developer commands directly from the command line or terminal. This opens up a whole world of possibilities as you can now write shell scripts or batch files to kick off a variety of commands (should you so wish!).

Howard Street Timelapse

The video below is a timelapse sequence showing the eight hour inflation of a huge tent which covered Howard between Third and Fourth street. The structure is an acrylic-coated fabric tent custom made for by George P Johnson, an event marketing agency and the structure was made by UK based Tectoniks.

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