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Smart businesses around the globe are thinking about how they can use the cloud to their advantage. The benefits of moving to the cloud are lower IT expenditures, access to data anywhere and anytime, and less hassles by not having to worry about IT infrastructure. However, a lot of businesses have been slow to migrate to the cloud because it can sometimes prove challenging to build a business case for it.

Arriving at a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for cloud solutions was difficult several years ago when the market was less mature. Now, however, cloud providers have created resources to help those reluctant to change or perhaps unconvinced by the proposition; a cloud TCO tool can provide a concrete financial basis for making the move and demonstrating that it’s the best option overall.

Below are a few of our favourite cloud TCO tools to show the value of different cloud platforms.

Google AppsGoogle created a beautifully-designed cloud TCO tool that walks potential customers through what its $5/user monthly fee can provide. Highlights include several gigabytes for email storage, many hours of time savings for employees and easy data recovery.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon has a cloud TCO tool that shows the price difference of running various web applications on its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instead of on-premise. It has sliders that let users quickly adjust how many servers and how much storage they might need.
Salesforce provides a cloud TCO tool that shows how much money a business can save by using its platform for applications such as Finance, Admin, HR, IT Management, Legal, Supply Chain and of course, CRM.

Rackspace has a cloud TCO tool that shows the savings of hosting microsoft exchange servers (email) on their cloud service vs in-house infrastructure.

Plan for CloudFor more advanced users, Plan For Cloud from Right Scale is an excellent cloud TCO tool. It lets users model the costs in-depth of cloud storage, servers, databases and more versus their non-hosted counterparts.

In summary, whatever cloud solution you’re considering it’s likely that there is a suitable TCO tool available to assist with your purchasing decision.

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