Amazon Cloud – Scalable and Flexible

For many consumers the Amazon cloud service may appear to be an online storage facility service and little else.  The reality is that Amazon cloud is a great deal more than this. One of the many Amazon web services available is the Amazon cloud player, an internet based music player hosted by Amazon and providing storage through the Amazon cloud drive. Music can be stored on the cloud by uploading from a computer or by purchasing from Amazon. Music of course is not the only kind of media that the Amazon cloud can be used for. Many consumers use it to store documents, images, ebooks and a wide variety of electronic files.

Those who make purchases from Amazon are able to to make use of the cloud drive for all content they have purchased, saving them storage space on their PC’s and mobile devices. Those that have an Amazon Kindle for example will find that there is a backup on the Amazon cloud of every book or document they have purchased in Kindle format. 5 GB of storage space is made available free of charge for such purchases. While this is more than enough for most people, space can be added at any time (for an additional cost) if required.

Providing you have an internet connection, you will be able to access the Amazon cloud services. You can arrange all your files into a folder structure and access your files to download them as and when you require, with any number of devices, such as smartphones, or any tablets that you may have. To upload any files, you can use either a PC, Mac or any device with an Android OS.

The Amazon cloud also provides numerous possibilities for business use, including scaleable web hosting. One of the many reasons that business websites have gone over to using cloud hosting services and in particular Amazon EC2 are scalability and reliability. There are occasions where many websites can go through massive spikes in bandwidth usage that standard hosting services are just unable to cope with. The Amazon cloud can offer the flexibility and scale on demand when required. At the same time there can also be significant savings from using such a service by only paying for the resources that you actually require, when you need them. Another popular service that makes great use of the Amazon cloud is Amazon’s Simple Storage System, known as S3. With infinite scalability and built in high redundancy, it can be the perfect solution for file storage, as well as file delivery.

Already useful in many ways to a wide variety of different consumer types, there is no doubt that the Amazon cloud will continue to provide an ever increasing variety of services as time goes by.

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